inground pool prices

The pool in your backyard should be a paradise. You'll love your fiberglass pool from Oasis Pools and Sprinklers because it'll last for years and won't take months to install. Some benefits of fiberglass pools include:

  1. Changes in temperature won't warp the fiberglass shell
  2. The gelcoat finish is easy to clean and is stain resistant
  3. Fiberglass pools are compatible with salt water
  4. Installation can take as little as seven days

We also install an anti-skid material on the stairs and pool floor

For more information about our fiberglass pools, call Oasis Pools and Sprinklers today.

Transform your outdoor oasis in a matter of days

Transform your outdoor oasis in a matter of days

You don't have to spend months tearing up your yard for a pool. Choose fiberglass pool installation in San Angelo, TX. Your pool shell comes as one large piece and can be installed in as little as one week.

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